IRS audits allow the US government to verify the information submitted on tax returns. Find news and information about how to protect your interests.
What To Expect From IRS Audits

What To Expect From IRS Audits | The Tax Lawyer

What is an IRS Audit?

An IRS audit is an examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts and financial information to check that the information was reported properly and in conformity with the tax laws.

irs request for information

IRS Requests for Information - What You Should Know

What are IRS Requests for Information?

During an audit, the IRS will typically send written information requests to the taxpayer. They may issue a series of these written requests. The IRS also has the power to send written requests or summonses to third parties associated with the taxpayer, including banks, vendors, clients, and business associates.

Appealing an IRS Audit

The IRS may decide to audit you for any number of reasons and the IRS audit itself can take a look at many different types of taxes, information and go back 3 or 6 years. However, did you know that once the audit is complete and the revenue agent reaches a conclusion, you do not necessarily have to accept that conclusion? In fact, many times you can reach a far better settlement than is offered upon completion of the audit. Read on to learn how.

How Do You Know if the IRS is Auditing You?

For many Americans, the thought of an IRS audit is synonymous with fear and panic. Whether you suspect that information on your tax returns may stick out as unusual to the IRS, or if you have legitimate reasons to be concerned due to understated income or overstated deductions, often times the fear of the unknown can be worse (or nearly as bad) as the audit itself. Therefore, one of the first steps to alleviate this fear is to simply answer the question of whether or not you are actually facing an IRS audit.


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