after appeals you could face a tax litigation judge like this one

Tax Litigation After the Appeals Process

When facing off against the IRS for whatever reason, there is always a process for escalation wherein if your case is not resolved you can seek the attention of a higher authority. Typically a qualified and experienced tax attorney is recommended to guide you through the process, however you should be aware of what to expect along the way.

How to Bring a Foreign Bank Account Into Compliance

Do you have a foreign bank account that may have international tax implications? If so, it is absolutely critical that you fully understand that US tax law states all US persons (that is citizens, resident aliens and anyone who meets the substantial presence test) file an FBAR to make the IRS aware of any foreign bank accounts that you have interest in or authority over.

How Do You Know if the IRS is Auditing You?

For many Americans, the thought of an IRS audit is synonymous with fear and panic. Whether you suspect that information on your tax returns may stick out as unusual to the IRS, or if you have legitimate reasons to be concerned due to understated income or overstated deductions, often times the fear of the unknown can be worse (or nearly as bad) as the audit itself. Therefore, one of the first steps to alleviate this fear is to simply answer the question of whether or not you are actually facing an IRS audit.

Tax Deal with Switzerland Gives U.S. DOJ Deep Access To Your Account Information

Federal law requires U.S. taxpayers with more than $10,000 total in foreign accounts to report those accounts on their tax return. Those that fail to do so may face an audit, substantial financial penalties, criminal prosecution, and imprisonment. In an effort to find such accounts the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced a tax deal with Switzerland.


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